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To order logo development, you need to understand how logos are created. Only by understanding the whole process from the inside, can one evaluate whether the work on logo design has been done qualitatively. Discover the secrets of creative cuisine)


10 steps to a successful logo
A brief is a questionnaire whose task is to obtain the most detailed information about a future brand. In the brief, each agency asks those questions that it considers necessary in order to correctly set the task for the creative team. Therefore, a universal brief does not exist.
As a rule, the brief should include the target audience. If you have not thought about the audience of your brand before, then, investing in the development of your company, it's time to do it. It is advisable to write down your unique selling proposition as detailed as possible. It’s important for a designer to understand why you are better than others. What features of your business must be reflected when creating a brand.
Having received the completed brief, the art director and project manager study it in order to set the task for the creative team: the designer and illustrator. The moment of setting the problem is very important. It was at this moment that the art director translates the essence of the problem from the language of marketers into a language that designers understand. Often, if the client did not like a single version of the logo, then an error occurred in the formulation of the problem. Or there was a misunderstanding between the client and the art director of the agency. There is nothing to worry about, such situations also happen. You just need to conduct a second briefing, clarify the points that caused misunderstanding. After that, an exact hit usually occurs.
The brief has been studied, the task of developing the logo has been set. The research process begins. We study the market to understand what your competitors look like. We analyze the positioning of competitors - what and how they say about themselves. Is their UTP reflected in the logo design? Research is important for several reasons. Firstly, it’s important to detach from competitors. Show customers that you are different, you are the best. Secondly, the logo must be unique. You can’t allow at least partial mixing of your brand with competitors, unless such a similarity as a leader is your task.
After analyzing the results of the study, we already understand what strengths of the company we need to reflect in the logo. The illustration below shows an example in which visual images of the future logo are collected. For example, an image of efficiency can be shown through dynamic elements: font slope, arrows, bevels of letters. You can show the professionalism of the company through images related to the professional sphere of the company. In this case, these were stock charts and the image of money.
Having made such a selection of images from icons, photos and pictures, designers proceed directly to the development of the logo: they sketch out the ideas for the future logo in the form of sketches. The most successful solutions are presented to the art director. The art director selects the most viable sketches and sends the designer to refine them. Or again in search of an idea.
example of creating an investment company logo
But a logo is not only a brand name. Creating the text part of the logo is also a separate and painstaking work. For the best ideas created at the stage of image search, the font of the text part of the logo is selected. The font must be finalized so that the writing of the logo becomes unique. A unique font is important, especially if you are going to register a trademark. It also happens that the logo consists only of the text part. Then the emphasis on typography is maximum. Below are a few examples for finalizing the font part of the logo. The basis was a modern ready-made font, which was turned into a unique corporate spelling. The thickness of the lines, the angle of the lines in the letters, and the letter-to-letter distance are being finalized. Letters can be cut, combined. Sometimes a letter is taken as the basis, which looks foreign in the font, and on its basis the font is corrected for a harmonious perception of the entire inscription.
The color scheme of the logo is one of the most important steps in creating the image of your company. Based on knowledge in the field of psychology of color perception, our designers select color combinations that should match the nature of the future brand. Reflect his field of activity and at the same time emphasize individuality.
The first logo designs we often present in black so as not to distract attention from the image of the identity. At the same time, the presentation of the first sketches in color is also acceptable, when we have already decided on the emotional characteristics of the brand.
After choosing the 3-5 best logo options, a presentation of the options is being prepared. In the presentation, we demonstrate how the logo will live and work in a real environment. This can be the placement of the logo on business cards, on signs, souvenir products. Such photorealism helps a comprehensive perception of the future logo.
The presentation of logos also contains a description of the idea of ​​each logo option. Thus, having received a presentation, you understand what the designer wanted to say with this logo. What features of your brand are reflected. What color scheme we used and why.
If you decide to order the development of a logo, it is important to understand that in the process we work very closely with the client. We not only inform the client about the start of work and guidelines for the timing of the project, but we also expect the most prompt reaction to our letters from the client. Such interaction, when the agency’s creative team and the client’s representative work together, solving common problems is the key to successful logo development.
After sending the presentation of the logo options, the client sends us his wishes and makes a choice of one of the areas for further development. The refinement may include, as a combination of several successful ideas into one, as well as the desire to "twist" the idea, to refine the image. We carefully listen to the wishes of the client, but first of all we are interested in what exactly you want to solve with such amendments. For example, if there is a desire to increase the icon, then the first question from us will be - what result or effect do you want to achieve with this, what problem to solve? It is possible that the same problem can be solved in another way. And we, as professionals, are obliged to tell you about this. One way or another, at this stage of logo development, we finalize the appearance of the logo. Align the logo with the grid and the guides. Check the distance between the characters. We build the proportions of the logo in accordance with a specific system.
And here he is the final moment of the completion of the logo design project. As a result, you get the final logo of your company brought to perfection in formats for printing and for posting on the site. Optionally, you can discuss additional formats, for example, for avatars on social networks. As a rule, together with the development of the logo, they also order the creation of a corporate identity for the uniformity of all your advertising materials. We decided to order the development of a logo - entrust us with the solution to your problem!
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